Monthly Archives: September 2016

Cleaning with care


Oriental rugs are something of a commodity for many people, but also something that is becoming more affordable for people in lower income brackets. Something that was too expensive for many has become somewhat more affordable, which means now we have to clean a lot more rugs than in previous years. Something that we do when it comes to rug cleaning is make sure that all of the rugs are cleaned with the same level of care and professionalism.

There are a number of cleaning sites that give people the option for a better clean, while others offer the same level. We are somewhere in the middle in the sense that we offer cleaning services for everyone who has a rug, but we have different levels of cleaning depending on the actual rug itself. Some rugs require a bit more attention than others, and some must be done with a higher level of care with the help of – repairs & appraisals

Knowing where your rug fits in

If you have a rug that is old, chances are that the cleaning will not need nor should be as intense as with newer rugs. With each clean, the integrity of rugs can dwindle, making it essential to know how old your rug is roughly before taking it in to have it cleaned. Newer rugs are often able to stand up to more rigorous cleaning and can take more heat before they start to degrade, which is what we specialize in.

Our cleaning levels vary because we know that every rug is different. In order to offer our customers the highest level of service, we must understand that not all rugs are created equally. Only by realizing this can we cater to all of our customer’s needs an give them the level of quality cleaning that our customers have come to expect.