Succeeding on multiple fronts

When we started this business more than 10 years ago, we really had no idea which direction we wanted to take. All we knew is that we were enthusiastic about rugs and that we had a knack for selling and repairing them. As time went on we found ourselves the largest supplier of rugs in the area and accumulated a lot of trucks during the process for the purposes of delivering them and doing mobile rug repair, we are theĀ Fremont Movers – hire local moving & packing service.

After that we got to thinking, why not expand our business into different avenues? We were so good at meeting customer demands for mobile rug cleaning that we started offering moving services in the area to the same customers. We figured that people who own rugs might need them and other things moved someday, and that our existing fleet could be used to help them do so. What came next was something we never could have predicted, but we began surpassing some of the largest movers in the area.

Our business today

Is one that is based on our rapport with our customers. Having gained so much support during our transition, we make it a point to keep our customers happy and give them access to all of our services. We are still the largest rug vendor in the area and after foraying into moving have become the largest in that field for both commercial and residential moves. We are happy to say that our customers are the result.

Join us as we continue to serve the local community and expand far and beyond our original scope. Our moving services and rug cleaning services are just the beginning as we do everything we can with what we have in order to ensure that our customers are giving the best moving and rug cleaning services in the area.

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