About Us


We understand why Oriental rugs are so popular, and also understand why they may be expensive and difficult to maintain. It is our pleasure to share our years of experience with our readers and let people know why we are different than other Oriental rug blogs on the market. It is out dedication to sharing information with our readership that puts us ahead of the other outlets on the market and gives us the best information when it comes to buying and cleaning rugs.

There is nothing like a good Oriental rug to tie the room together, and as rug enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that there is different tastes out there. What we try to do is back our articles with information rooted in science, which allows us to give people the best possible information.

Doing things differently

Let’s face it, not everyone that owns an Oriental rug knows the best way in which to clean and maintain it, but we also know that that is what we are here for. Our dedicated staff of writers and rug enthusiasts know exactly what it takes to clean and maintain a rug, as well as how to share this information with people that may not have a lot of experience in dealing with rugs, but simply like the way they look.

We promise that we will act as the best bridge between wanting to own a rug and effectively owning a rug. We will give useful information on how to care for your investment.